Kyle Schweikhard
Drums , Percussion

Kyle Schweikhard, can be found on the kit, on stage, in the studio, or in front of the camera rocking the drums. Kyle has nearly two decades of a pro drum career as a drum clinician, artist, author, and drum entrepreneur/owner of Drum Sync Academy. Whether it's the hard hitting passion felt from the drums or heard in the countless drum tutorials and lessons. Kyle loves any and every opportunity to share his excitement for music and drums with everyone. Kyle's endorsed and recognized by the top drum companies, with PDP drums, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads, and Vater Drumsticks as well as many others. Kyle's aggressive and dynamic playing style matches the charging riffs and catchy hooks of the Liquid Circus boys and is ready to rock with you soon. Also find Kyle online/social media @KyleSchweikhard @DrumSyncAcademy